Spanish Coffee Cocktail

A Spanish Cocktail has a nice little flair to it with the overproof rum that is flamed to caramalize a perfect sugar rim. A little bit of labor and a whole lot of love make for an awesome drink.

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Spanish Coffee Cocktail Yum
Course Warm Drinks
Course Warm Drinks
  1. Rub a lemon wedge around the edge of a coffee glass and dip in sugar to rim the glass.
  2. Put your overproof rum into the glass and ignite.
  3. As the rum burns move it around so the heat from the flame caramelizes the sugar slightly.
  4. Once you've slightly caramelized the sugar add the Cointreau, Coffee Liqueur, and Hot coffee into the glass. By this time the flame will go out.
  5. Shake the heavy cream in a shaker tin until it thickens. Float it on the top of the cocktail.

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