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Velvet Elvis Cocktail

The Velvet Elvis is a nice Jack Daniels drink that goes down very smooth, but still has some subtle flavors of whiskey left over at

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Chupacabra Cocktail

The Cubpacabra is a mythical creature based in Mexico. This drink includes some Tequila in it which is where I believe the name derives from.

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Skittles Bomb Shot

This bomb shot doesn’t seem it would taste like skittles, but it surprisingly does. If you enjoy a good sweet drink for parties this could

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Poinsettia Cocktail

This cocktail is a nice color red with a cool bubbly texture to it from Champage. Great for a Christmas or New Years Cocktail. Print

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Last Word Cocktail

This drink uses the amazing Green Chartreuse in it. If you’re not familiar this is an herbal liqueur that is made by monks. It’s been

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Aviation Cocktail

The Aviation cocktail was a classic that practically disappeared along with Creme de Violette after Prohibition. However with the craft cocktail craze and the revival

Blood Orange Margarita

A blood orange is a type of orange that has certain pigments in the fruit that give it a nice dark red color. It has

Pineapple Daiquiri Recipe

A fresh pineapple makes for a delightful blended drink that goes down smooth. My only change for this recipe would be to add in more

Southern Bourbon Sweet Tea

Bourbon goes great with a nice sweet tea. This is something that will never change. As long as rocking chairs feel good on a hot

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