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Whether it’s spelled Whiskey or Whisky on your bottle, this iconic liquor will forever hold a spot on shelves everywhere. Distilled all around the world this liquor comes in a variety of flavor profiles and can be a great addition to many cocktails.

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Bourbon Stone Sour Cocktail Recipe

It’s time for some awesome freaking drinks to return to the web. I’m here with a really nice Bourbon drink that is a true classic.

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Washington Apple Drink Recipe – Whiskey Cocktails

Crown Royal and the Washington Apple go hand in hand. This popular drink has been requested plenty on my site so here it is for

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Irish Coffee Mixed Drink Recipe – Iconic Hot Drink Made Right

An Irish Coffee is a true classic and it can be made so many different ways. However the way I’m about to do it is

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Jerry Thomas Style Hot Toddy Drink Recipe

This is the Hot Toddy recipe that was featured in the Jerry Thomas book. This drink is one of the first published versions of the

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Scotch Whiskey Hot Toddy Recipe – Scotch Drinks

So the Hot Toddy has been around since the very beginning of this whole cocktail thing. While this version varies from the original, it is

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Ward Eight Cocktail Recipe – A Twist on a Whiskey Sour | Whiskey Drinks

The Ward Eight is a cocktail that is very similar to the Whiskey Sour. It’s a little more laid back and not quite as sour.

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Godfather Cocktail – Minute Mixology

The Godfather has been around for a long time. This Scotch Based drink is an IBA classic recipe and I’m going to share it with

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Brown Derby Cocktail | Bourbon Drink Recipes

So this classic Bourbon drink recipe dates all the way back to the 1930s. It may share the name of a famous hat, but the

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Lynchburg Lemonade Cocktail Recipe | Jack Daniels Drinks

The Lynchburg Lemonade recipe is one that goes back a long way. However if you’re looking for an awesome summer time drink than it may

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