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Vodka is one of the most neutral spirits you’ll come across. Vodka can be distilled from a variety of grains and/or fruits despite common belief that Vodka is made from potatoes. Though is is typically defined as being a flavorless and colorless liquor, quality Vodka can have distinct differences in taste and harshness. This neutral spirit works well in most cocktails and therefore is featured in many recipes.

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Liquefied Ghost Halloween Drink Recipe

So it’s time for Halloween and that means it’s time for gimmick styled drinks galore. Yay! This drink has a really nice “Boozy Vanilla Milkshake”

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Crocodile Cooler Cocktail for Summer w/ Absolut Citron

The Crocodile Cooler is really a solid drink for someone that is looking for a cocktail that goes down smooth. It has a nice burst

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Lemon Drop Martini Recipe with Unflavored Vodka

So normally a Lemon Drop Martini is made using Citrus Vodka. However this recipe calls for a regular vodka instead. So if you don’t have

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Blue Lagoon Drink Recipe – Easy Cocktail With Vodka

The Blue Lagoon is a great Vodka and Blue Curacao cocktail for warm weather months. It will put you right in the beach mood and

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Hairy Navel Drink Recipe – Easy Vodka Cocktails

This easy vodka cocktail is one that goes down smooth. I always consider this kind of a grandma drink because it just goes down far

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Godmother Drink Recipe – Easy Vodka Cocktails

This cocktail is a classic IBA cocktail that is also very simple. Vodka gives this Easy cocktail a nice kick, but the Amaretto adds in

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Moscow Mule Drink Recipe – Easy Vodka Cocktails

File this one under Easy Vodka Cocktails for sure. The Moscow Mule is believed to be one of the biggest reasons for the success of

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Donald Trumps Golden Shower Cocktail

The Donald Trump Golden Shower story was faked, but this cocktail is all real baby. It’s actually quite refreshing so don’t knock it until you’ve

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Black Russian Cocktail Recipe | Easy Vodka Cocktail

I have covered the White Russian in the past, but this version is even more simple than that. Perhaps this is a better recipe for

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