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The general definition of Schnapps generally varies beased upon location. In Europe Schnapps may refer to any hard liquor above a certain ABV, but in America most Schnapps is flavored using various fruits or artificial flavorings. Typically Schnapps is used as complimentary and not as a focal point in most cocktails.

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Junior Mint Shot Recipe – Popular Theater Candy w/ Alcohol

The alcoholic version of the popular Junior Mints theater candy. Is it any good? Hmm… this one is from Pinterest and I’m trying it out

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Hairy Navel Drink Recipe – Easy Vodka Cocktails

This easy vodka cocktail is one that goes down smooth. I always consider this kind of a grandma drink because it just goes down far

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Ski Slope Hot Chocolate Cocktail | Peach Schnapps and Coconut Rum Recipe

When winter is beating you down sometimes you need to climb to the top of that slope. This Hot Chocolate cocktail is easy going and

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Peach and Cream Coctkail Recipe

The Peach and Cream drink is a recipe that I took from the Dekuyper USA website. It is very simple although it’s not my particular

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Blueberry Firecracker Jello Shots

These are some of my absolute favorite jello shots I ever made. When I take Jello shots down to parties these ones are without fail

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Red Headed Slut Jello Shots

Jagermeister and Peach Schnapps come together to make this really classic jello shot recipe. I really liked the way these ones turned out for me.

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Miami Ice Tea Recipe|Summer Time Vodka Drinks

The Miami Ice Tea is an interesting drink. Despite the amount of booze in it; the drink remains quite smooth and refreshing. This drink is

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Captains Choice from Bar Rescue featuring Captain Morgan Spiced Rum

Do you enjoy watching Bar Rescue on TV? I know I sure do and some of the drinks they make look pretty damn good. When

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