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Rum is a distilled liquor that has roots in the Caribbean. Made primarily of either sugar cane or molasses, this alcoholic treat comes in a variety of types and flavors, many of which are listed below. 

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The Irish Trash Can Mixed Drink Recipe

The Irish Trash Can has absolutely nothing to do with Ireland at all. However it’s freaking green so lets name it the Irish Trash Can

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The Bat Bite – A refreshingly easy Light Rum Drink

The Bat Bite is a simple drink that is not only easy to drink, but extremely good as well. What an awesome drink with only

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Mr Miyagi – A Fan Submission With Blueberry Pomegranate Juice

So this one was submitted to me back on my old Epic Drink Recipes website. I always meant to make it so I finally broke

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Banana Boat – A Mixed Drink Featuring Banana Liqueur

So this is the first time I’ve ever used Banana Liqueur before. I honestly think I could drink the whole bottle straight up because I

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Long Island Iced Tea – A True Classic Mixed Drink

The Long Island Iced Tea is a drink that dates back to the 70s. The story goes like this: Back in 1972 Robert Butt claims

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