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Rum is a distilled liquor that has roots in the Caribbean. Made primarily of either sugar cane or molasses, this alcoholic treat comes in a variety of types and flavors, many of which are listed below. 

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Resurrection w/ Captain Morgan – Bar Rescue Drink Recipe

So one of the earliest recipes from Bar Rescue is the Resurrection cocktail. This one is popular as it is the premiere drink for Spirits

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Captains Choice from Bar Rescue featuring Captain Morgan Spiced Rum

Do you enjoy watching Bar Rescue on TV? I know I sure do and some of the drinks they make look pretty damn good. When

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Virgin on Prom Night Cocktail Recipe – Great Dark Rum Drink

So I haven’t made enough Rum drinks. I needed to put some more Dark Rum drink recipes on the site so I decided that it’s

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Butt Pirate Shot – The Recipe with Captain Morgan Spiced Rum

We all can’t be a pirate. For those of us who want to be a pirate, but fall short there is the Butt Pirate Shot.

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The Vegas Blowjob Shot – Get a Blowjob Vegas Style!

What happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas… well I have this recipe I took from the Bartenders Black Book that was brought out of Vegas.

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Nasty Girl Cocktail

Nasty Girl Shot Recipe – My First Dark Rum Recipe Gets Nasty

So it was important for me to grab a little Dark Rum for the website so when I came across a bottle of Goslings Dark

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Darth Vader Drink Recipe w/ Jagermeister

Jagermeister is a drink that I find completely nasty by itself. However I’ve found that in some drinks it can actually be a very great

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The Flaming Dr. Pepper – Flaming Bacardi 151 Drink Recipe

So here is a drink that will not only allow you to consume a large amount of alcohol very fast, but it’s also good because

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