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So the Pink Squirrel is a unique drink that utilizes Creme de Noyaux, an almond flavored cream liqueur that doesn’t get a lot of usage. This drink is a great after dinner cocktail and it’s very light on the ABV so you don’t have to worry too much about being tipsy when finished. It’s perfect for the sweet tooth.

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Drink History

As far as I know the Pink Squirrel was invented by Bryant Sharp in 1941 at Bryants Cocktail Lounge (source). This cocktail originally called for ice cream instead of the cream that most recipes will tell you to use. I’d say it’s worth trying both ways. After all, there’s not a ton of usage for Creme de Noyaux anyway. Although I’m sure I’ll be trying some more recipes out before I finish this bottle off.

Drink Characteristics

So this drink is very pink. It kind of has the color of Pepto Bismol, which is cool with me because I like the flavor. It is also a very light drink as the Creme de Cacao is a 17.5% ABV and Creme de Noyaux is a 15% ABV alcohol. With the equal parts ratio the recipe calls for that makes the ABV of this drink 10.8% ABV before being diluted further with ice.

Drink Ingredients

In order to make this drink you only need 3 main ingredients to put in with your ice. If you’re having some trouble locating Creme de Noyaux than I would suggest seeing if you can order it online. Also on a side note, I decided to use half and half instead of heavy cream because I thought the initial thickness was a little too much and wanted to thin it out a little. Feel free to try the Heavy Cream if you would like.

  • 1 Part Creme de Noyaux
  • 1 Part Creme de Cacao (Light)
  • 1 Part Half & Half or Heavy Cream

Drink Preparation

Grab yourself a shaker tin and some ice for this drink.

  1. Add all ingredients to a mixing glass.
  2. Add ice and shake well.
  3. Double strain into a Coupe glass.

No garnish is needed for this drink, I think the cool pink color in the coupe glass is a nice presentation without a garnish anyway.

My Impressions

So this drink has a nice little nutty flavoring with a chocolate finish. It kind of has a slight thickness to it, but with the half & half it isn’t too bad. The cocktail goes down smooth with absolutely no burn at all, it’s as if there isn’t even any alcohol in there at all.

If you’re saying to me “Eric, it doesn’t have enough alcohol in it!” I would be inclined to agree with you. My suggestion to remedy this would be to add a little bit of cognac or brandy to it. It should round it off quite nicely.

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