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The standard rum is around 80-100 proof. However Rum is often distilled at much higher alcohol levels. These cask strength Rums are often used in flaming drinks or to give a little extra potency to a cocktail.

Overproof Rum Recipes

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Spanish Coffee Flaming Cocktail Mix – Bacardi 151 and Kahlua Drinks

The Spanish Coffee is a popular Portland drink from Hubers. This one is certainly a true modern classic that you should try to warm up

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Virgin on Prom Night Cocktail Recipe – Great Dark Rum Drink

So I haven’t made enough Rum drinks. I needed to put some more Dark Rum drink recipes on the site so I decided that it’s

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The Flaming Dr. Pepper – Flaming Bacardi 151 Drink Recipe

So here is a drink that will not only allow you to consume a large amount of alcohol very fast, but it’s also good because

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