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White Rum is a type of Rum that is also referred to as “Light” or “Silver” rum as well. Basically light rums are either unaged or aged for a short period of time. These are the most common rum types for cocktails.

White Rum Recipes

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Daiquiri Cocktail Recipe – The Original Cuban Treat

Although Rum wasn’t always a popular drink here in the United States, the Daiquiri is an awesome cocktail that is beautiful in its simplicity. The

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Miami Ice Tea Recipe|Summer Time Vodka Drinks

The Miami Ice Tea is an interesting drink. Despite the amount of booze in it; the drink remains quite smooth and refreshing. This drink is

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The Vegas Blowjob Shot – Get a Blowjob Vegas Style!

What happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas… well I have this recipe I took from the Bartenders Black Book that was brought out of Vegas.

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Darth Vader Drink Recipe w/ Jagermeister

Jagermeister is a drink that I find completely nasty by itself. However I’ve found that in some drinks it can actually be a very great

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The Irish Trash Can Mixed Drink Recipe

The Irish Trash Can has absolutely nothing to do with Ireland at all. However it’s freaking green so lets name it the Irish Trash Can

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The Bat Bite – A refreshingly easy Light Rum Drink

The Bat Bite is a simple drink that is not only easy to drink, but extremely good as well. What an awesome drink with only

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Mr Miyagi – A Fan Submission With Blueberry Pomegranate Juice

So this one was submitted to me back on my old Epic Drink Recipes website. I always meant to make it so I finally broke

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