Below are the terms of service for recipe submission. The following rules and terms apply to anyone submitting a drink recipe through this form. Please give them a good read if you’re planning on submitting some drinks to me. I’ve tried to keep the terms as simple as possible. Thanks for your interest.

Last Terms Revision: April 30, 2017

Drink Guidelines

It is suggested that all drink recipes meet these particular guidelines. Although it is not required it will greatly increase the chances of your recipe being accepted into the contests.

  • Use readily available liquors. Sure some recipes are fantastic, but if the booze is hard for me to get I can’t always make it happen.
  • Use easily obtainable ingredients. Feel free to submit drinks with obscure fruits or bitters in them. Just don’t expect them to get into the contest drawing.
  • Don’t specify certain brands unless absolutely necessary. Drinks that require Rum are more likely to make it in the drawing as opposed to drinks that require a specific brand like Havana Club or something.
  • Specify in specific measurements. OZ or ML work just fine. I can also accept Parts, but I’d prefer the others.
  • Don’t give me alcohol poisoning. I like a good stiff drink, but I don’t want my stomach pumped either. Keep the drinks reasonable, but remember to have fun.
  • Please don’t blatantly steal someones recipe. Obviously many recipes are similar and I get that, just don’t be a thief.
  • Please don’t simply post a recipe and change the drink name to your own. If it’s a common drink that goes by another name I will simply throw the recipe out.

Contest Rules

All contest entrants must meet the following guidelines in order to win prizes. Sure I can make your drink on the show, but IF YOU DO NOT MEET ALL of the requirements listed below you will be deemed ineligible for prize.

  • Must reside in the United States
  • Must be 21 or older.
  • Must use a real name on submission form. It can be kept private between us, but I still need a real name.
  • Must be subscribed to the An Idiots Liquor YouTube Channel.
  • Must Like or Follow one of the following Social Media Accounts. Following all may get you a small bonus 😉
  • No one household can win more than one prize from An Idiots Liquor contests in a 30 day time frame.
  • User has 14 days from the date of the contest win to claim the prize. After that the prize is considered forfeited.

Other Guidelines

  • All drink recipes entered that are thrown out may be put back in at a later time. It all depends on ingredient availability.
  • By submitting you’re giving me permission to use this recipe on any websites, social media accounts, or any other media owned by Eric Miner under the An Idiots Liquor namesake.
  • These terms may be updated at any given time. Latest revision date is posted at top of page.
  • Contest may be cancelled at any time.
  • Prizes do not need to meet any certain cash value amount. They are random.
  • Prizes hold no cash value. If you do not want the prize you can not claim any money in its place.
  • Entries may stay in the queue indefinitely.
  • Each user can submit up to 10 recipes in a calendar month. You can submit more, but they’ll be rejected or carried over to the next month. That becomes my decision.


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