Donating money to An Idiots Liquor is so easy. Here’s what I use the money for:

  • Purchase of Liquor for New Recipes
  • New Equipment for better quality
  • Supplies for making drinks
  • Books to learn more about the craft.
  • Web hosting to keep the site online.

Why should I donate to you?

Well to be honest I expect nothing from you here. To me any donation is an absolute blessing and you are truly awesome for helping me continue doing what I do. The truth is that I am a common blue collar guy just trying to have fun at home making drinks to the best of my ability.

By donating and showing your support you’re helping me expand on the page and the channel so I can improve upon my work. Afterall, the ultimate goal for me with this channel is to produce the greatest cocktails and try as much as I can while passing what I learn onto you, the viewers. So donation or no donation I want you to know that the site is ALWAYS free and will continue to be that way as long as I operate it. However also know that anyone donating is a serious help and I cannot thank you enough for doing so.

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