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Use this page to sort out these cocktails based upon the liquor that’s in them. Great if you’re not sure what to look for.

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Whether you add the "e" in there or not, whisky is a very great liquor that deserves a top spot on our listing. The cocktails here feature a variety of whiskey such as Bourbon, Scotch, Irish, and Canadian Whiskeys.


Rum comes in a large variety of flavors and ages. It is truly an amazing liquor neat, but mixed in cocktails this alcohol really shines. There are more options than just a common Daquiri in this section.


Gin has been around the block a time or two and in many drinks has been replaced with Vodka. However this amazing Juniper spirit is really amazing and should certainly be on your home bar.


Liqueurs are a very broad range of alcohols. Most of these are flavored and come in countless tastes and colors. Liquors like Jagermeister, Galliano, and Amaretto would all fall into this category.


Vodka mixes so well in cocktails because of its neutral properties. Because of this, there are so many cocktails that involve this incredible "water of life".


This agave based liquor has much more to offer than simply being thrown into a Margarita. There are a variety of options you can choose from with this classic Mexican spirit.


Different cocktails call for things like Cinnamon Schnapps or the famous Peach Schanpps, but very rarely is schnapps the star of a cocktail. In the US Schnapps largely is considered a flavored liquor of lower proof (although some are higher octane).


Beer is fantastic to drink alone, but there are also numerous cocktails that call for beer among other ingredients. So grab a few brews and lets get to mixing.

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