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Mixing drinks require much more than just getting a spoon and some glassware. Drinks require measurement, shaking, muddling, and so much more that you might find yourself needing a few tools to throw in the mix as well. The tools below are just a few I use personally and I do plan to expand upon this section further at a later time.

Bar Tools to Buy

The following bar tools are ones I either use or highly recommend. Click on one of the other categories to see more cool bar related items.

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11- Piece Weighted Cocktail Shaker Set

In my most recent cocktail videos this is the cocktail shaker set you'll see me using.It comes with weighted shaker tins, a cocktail spoon, julep strainer, Hawthorne strainer, Ice tongs, Japanese Style Jigger, a mesh strainer, a muddler and a couple of speed pourers.

Lewis Ice Bag

A Lewis Ice bag is basically a cloth sack you use to smash ice in. It's a great stress relief to crush some ice up with a mallet in one. Plus you get to drink afterwards so that's even better.

13 Piece Shaker Set

My older videos utilize this shaker kit. It comes with shaker tins, a jigger, a Hawethorne strainer, bottle opener, wine bottle opener, and 6 pour spouts. No where near as nice as the one I use now, but it's also half the price. Not a bad kit to start with.

500mL Mixing Glass

I LOVE this glass for stirring cocktails. It is a nice heavyweight glass with a pour spout that works great with a julep strainer for drinks that require stirring. Plus plenty of space for making multiple drinks in one.

Lemon Press

Squeeze the heck out of lemons and limes to get that delicious juice from them into your cocktails. This is the exact one I use in my videos and so far it's been pretty good to me.

18x12 Bar Mat

Once again this is a product I use in all of my videos. I love the bar mat. It's great for containing spills, mixing drinks on, and even a good place to set glassware to dry.

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