Get the Right Glass for the Job


You’ve seen the cocktail photos all around the web. Now get the right glassware to put these drinks in. From Martini glasses to beer mugs, I’ve listed some of my favorite drink vessels.

Bar Glassware

Check out the list of glassware below and if you’re looking for something else please check the other categories below.

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Libbey Capone Coupe Glasses

These glasses are from Libbey and I use them in a large amount of my drink videos. They're a staple in many cocktail bars.

Collins Glass Cocktail Set of 4

A nice Collins glass is virtually a must for any home bar. They looks nice, hold tall drinks beautifully, and are simple.

Libbey Heavy Base Rocks Glass

These heavy bases rocks glasses hold 11 oz of liquid and will make your drinks look awesome. These are perfect for drinks like an Old Fashioned or even just sipping some whiskey out of.

Cosmopolitan Stemless Martini Glass

These are really nice glasses that I think most people should have. Basically it's just a stemless martini glass.

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